The Leadsbrew Intel-Issue 1

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1. Altum Technologies

Southern Finland, Finland

Industry: Mechanical Or Industrial Engineering

News: Altum Technologies Selected by Chevron Technology Ventures for Catalyst Program

Insights: Altum claims to be the first company in the world that can completely control power ultrasound to clean fouling from different types of equipment without stopping production. This presents an opportunity for marketing agencies with expertise in the energy sector and sustainability to pitch their services. Altum will also be present at PacWest Conference as an exhibitor, opening up potential avenues to assist them in optimizing their event participation opportunities for marketing agencies down the line. They don’t seem to have a sizable marketing department at the moment.

Headcount: 11-50

2. Agreena

Copenhagen, Denmark

Industry: Farming

News: Agriculture tech company Agreena raises $50 mln in funding

Insights: Agreena's platform supports farmers in their transition to regenerative agriculture with the issuance of third-party verified carbon certificates. The funding will be used to improve financial services for farmers, such as helping them access green loans, which can alleviate the cost of new machinery and the transition to regenerative agriculture. Marketing agencies that specialize in sustainable agriculture can leverage this insight to showcase their expertise in this area and pitch their services to Agreena. Recently, they communicated their current priorities, which primarily revolve around building the product, investing in its development, and expanding its presence in additional markets. They are actively participating in various events across Europe.

Headcount: 201-500

3. Domo

Utah, United States

Industry: Software Development

News: Domo Announces New Native Integrations that Help Customers Leverage Data Across a Growing Ecosystem of Cloud Data Platforms

Insights: Domo, a public company, is a Data Experience Platform, and their new offering 'Cloud Amplifier' provides a solution to the challenge of navigating complex IT environments and limited data access, presenting an opportunity for marketing agencies with expertise in data analytics. Domo has also recently appointed John Mellor as its new CEO, replacing founder Josh James and could welcome new ideas.

Headcount: 1000+

4. Palm HR

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Industry: Human Resources Services

News: Saudi HR Tech Company Expands Into Egypt & UAE

Insights: is an HR tech company and with plans to expand into Egypt and the UAE, it presents an opportunity for digital agencies specializing in HR technology services and software development. The company's focus on becoming the most integrated HR software in the market and offering financial services through partners on its platform indicates a need for such services. Additionally, the company's plans to double its team size and aggressive product development goals suggest a potential need for marketing and branding services.


Headcount: 51-200


Hamburg, Germany

Industry: Advertising Services

News: SourceKnowledge Acquired by mrge

Insights: Mrge, a commerce advertising platform operating in Canada and Germany, has completed the acquisition of SourceKnowledge. SourceKnowledge, a network serving publishers and retailers, is headquartered in Montreal, Canada. Agencies could leverage their knowledge of the North American market to help mrge grow their presence in the region. Furthermore, agencies could help SourceKnowledge's roster of direct advertisers and thousands of publishers optimize their use of the platform, and assist mrge's existing retailer and publisher clients to integrate SourceKnowledge's programmatic technology into their marketing strategies. They also seem to be expanding to Germany by the appearance of this job posting.

Headcount: 51-200

6. P-Cure

Shilat Industrial Zone, Shilat, Israel

Industry: Medical Equipment Manufacturing

News: P-Cure announced clearance of its Adaptive Proton Therapy Solution by the FDA for sales in the USA

Insights: P-Cure's proton therapy solution being the world's first FDA-approved methodology for patient-ready cancer treatment has the potential to revolutionize cancer care by making proton therapy more accessible and affordable.

This could be a good opportunity to help them educate the target market on the clinical benefits of proton therapy. Less than 1% of hospitals currently offer proton therapy, but the market for radiotherapy replacement accounts for sales of approximately 1,000 radiation therapy modalities every year. Service providers can help P-Cure gain more collaborations and partnerships, such as its collaboration with Hadassah Medical Center in Israel.

Headcount: 11-50

7. Mozarc Medical

Minnesota, USA

Industry: Medical Equipment Manufacturing

News: Medtronic and DaVita Launch New Kidney Tech Company

Insights: Mozarc Medical is a kidney health tech company. With the launch of a new company comes the need for a strong brand identity and marketing strategy. An agency could help Mozarc Medical establish its brand and create a comprehensive marketing plan that promotes its kidney health technologies to both healthcare providers and patients. As a new player in the kidney health tech industry, Mozarc Medical will likely benefit from increased media coverage and positive public relations. Also as Mozarc Medical develops new kidney health technologies, it will need to create educational materials and marketing collateral to promote its products.

Headcount: 201-500

8. Wilk Technologies

HaMerkaz, Israel

Industry: Biotechnology Research

News: Steakholder Foods To Participate in Danone-Led Strategic Investment Round in Cultured Milk Company Wilk Technologies

Insights: Public relations: The announcement of Steakholder Foods' investment in Wilk Technologies could be a good opportunity for a PR agency to help the company increase its brand visibility and reputation, by generating media coverage and managing communications with stakeholders such as investors, customers, and employees. Based on the available information on LinkedIn, it appears that Wilk currently does not have a substantial marketing department.

Headcount: 101-250

9. Inpathy

Michigan, USA

Industry: Technology, Information and Internet

News: Inpathy enters Techstars accelerator

Insights: Inpathy, a new social media company co-founded by Ziarekenya Smith and Kathryn Smith, has been accepted into the Detroit Techstars accelerator program. The program, powered by J.P. Morgan, aims to provide equitable access, funding, and support for entrepreneurs who are Black, Hispanic and Latino, Indigenous American, and/or Pacific Islander. Inpathy has already made its presence felt in the tech world, with features in Forbes and nominations for several tech awards. The fact that the co-founders plan to cultivate more business-to-business relationships ahead of their launch can be an opportunity for agencies.

Headcount: 0-10

10. AirSeed Technologies

Sydney, Australia

Industry: Environmental Services

News: Drone seeding startup AirSeed Technologies is raising a Series A to deliver on a $200 million carbon capture fund

Insights: AirSeed's technology offers a unique solution to reforestation and carbon sequestration, making it an attractive option for businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprint. AirSeed's technology is designed to be scalable, allowing it to be used for large-scale reforestation projects. This scalability means that AirSeed has the potential to attract major clients, including corporate and government entities, who are looking to invest in sustainable solutions. The company has already secured major clients, including Telstra and St Hubert’s The Stag. They’re also doing some interesting marketing including these biodegradable, tree-planting billboards.

Headcount: 11-50

11. X Shore

Stockholm, Sweden

Industry: Maritime Transportation

News: Electric boat startup X Shore raises €27m to reach profitability

Insights: X Shore's electric boats provide a sustainable and luxurious alternative to traditional fuel-guzzling boats. This could be positioned as a unique selling point for environmentally conscious consumers who are willing to invest in high-end, eco-friendly products. X Shore has seen strong sales in the US, indicating a high demand for electric boats in this market. While X Shore's valuation has come down since its last funding round, the company has delivered on all of its set targets and is now focused on reaching profitability.

Headcount: 51-200


California, United States

Industry: Computers and Electronics Manufacturing

News: Prism launches to provide loans to unicorn employees

Insights: Prism is a lending platform that offers loans to startup employees using their equity as collateral. Unlike other lending platforms, Prism works directly with startup boards and doesn't take any potential equity upside, which sets it apart from competitors. The market for lending to startup employees is large and growing, especially as companies stay private longer. Prism has raised $26 million in funding over two venture rounds, giving it a strong financial foundation to grow and scale its business.

They have already signed deals to originate "nine figures" of loans in the coming months, indicating strong demand for its services. As Prism continues to grow, agencies can assist them in establishing partnerships with other companies and banks to expand their reach and offer more services to their customers.

Headcount: 51-200

13. Agave Health

New York, USA

Industry: Mental Health Care

News: Agave health coming out of stealth mode

Insights: Agave Health has come out of stealth mode recently. Based on the founder's pedigree, it might be worth looking at. Ori Fruhauf, the founder was the former SVP at DarioHealth (a public company ) and was Co-founder and ex-Chief Commercial Officer at Upright (acquired).

Headcount: 0-10

14. Ecosapiens

California, USA

Industry: Consumer Services

News: Carbon removal NFT startup Ecosapiens raises $3.5 million

Insights: Ecosapiens claims to be the world's first carbon-backed digital collectibles that directly finance carbon removal projects. With Ecosapiens' NFTs, customers can offset a year's worth of their carbon emissions by buying an NFT, making it an attractive option for individuals and businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprint. Ecosapiens' focus on regenerative agriculture projects in Kenya provides an opportunity for marketing agencies to position the company as supporting local communities and sustainable development.

Headcount: 0-10


Utrecht, Netherlands

Industry: Environmental Services

News: Heat pump tech company bags €15m to expand to UK

Insights: HeatTransformers provides a digital platform intended to install hybrid heat pumps and has secured a significant investment to expand its business into the UK and Germany. This presents an opportunity for marketing agencies to target potential customers who are looking to reduce their carbon footprint and adopt sustainable heating solutions. HeatTransformers also hosts an academy to train the next generation of workers, highlighting a potential gap in the market for skilled labor in the heat pump industry. Marketing agencies could pitch their services to HeatTransformers to help them attract and train potential employees to meet the growing demand for heat pump installations in the UK and Germany.

Headcount: 51-200

16. Cerebra

Claymont, DE, USA

Industry: Mental Health Care

News: Kazakh Medical Startup Wins Best VerTech Startup 2023 at Global Startup Awards

Insights: Cerebra offers a AI-powered software for early stroke detection for faster and more accurate treatment. The recognition of Cerebra's AI-powered software could potentially draw attention from investors and healthcare providers, creating opportunities for partnerships or collaborations.
Marketing agencies could pitch their services to Cerebra to help the company increase its visibility and promote its innovative technology to a wider audience.

Headcount: 1000+

17. Textio

Seattle, Washington, USA

Industry: Software Development

News: Augmented writing startup Textio restructures; CEO says generative AI ‘more and more important’

Insights: Textio is expanding its product offerings and realigning resources to support growth in the future. This suggests that Textio may be open to exploring new partnerships and collaborations to help support its growth and improve its offerings. Textio's focus on removing bias from workplace language highlights the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the workplace. Marketing agencies with expertise in DEI could pitch their services to companies looking to improve their DEI initiatives and messaging. Textio's realignment of resources and hiring for new roles with new skill sets in Q2 suggests that the company is open to exploring new markets and expanding its customer base.

Headcount: 51-200

18. Stilride

Stockholm, Sweden

Industry: Automation Machinery Manufacturing

News: Swedish startup unveils first ‘origami’ e-motorcycle

Insights: Stilride has created a unique and innovative product that combines performance, sustainability, and design, which can be attractive to customers who value those attributes.
Stilride's motorcycle is marketed towards both motorcycle enthusiasts and design and sustainability purists, suggesting that the company is targeting a niche market. The recent success of winning a NY Product Design Award suggests that this company has the potential to garner significant attention in Western markets. Despite being in the early stages of development, they present an exciting opportunity to add to your portfolio as a potential client.

Headcount: 11-50

19. Valyant

Denver, Colorado, USA

Industry: IT Services and IT Consulting

News: Denver AI startup raises funds to bolster automated drive-thru ordering tech

Insights: Valyant AI's expansion plans present a significant opportunity for marketing agencies that specialize in restaurant and food service marketing. With plans to expand to dozens more restaurants across the country by summertime, there will likely be a high demand for marketing services that can help these restaurants promote their use of Valyant's technology and stand out in a crowded market.

The fact that Valyant AI is working with large quick-serve chains(they recently partnered with Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr) and has an 18-month backlog of restaurants waiting to implement the tech suggests that there is significant interest in AI-powered ordering technology in the restaurant industry. Marketing agencies that can position themselves as experts in this area and offer a unique value proposition could be well-positioned to win new business in the coming months and years.

Headcount: 11-50

20. Kaseya

Columbus, USA

Industry: Software Development

News: Miami-Dade Votes to Rename Miami Heat's Arena: Who Is New Sponsor Kaseya

Insights: With the Miami Heat's arena now named the Kaseya Center, there may be opportunities for Kaseya to partner with the team on marketing initiatives or events. Kaseya's commitment to investing in the local economy and creating new jobs could be highlighted as a positive point for the company, particularly for marketing campaigns focused on community engagement. Commissioner Keon Hardemon spoke about Kaseya's funding of the Peace and Prosperity Plan, which provides at-risk children with meaningful experiences and career opportunities.

Headcount: 1000+

21. Dataflik

Columbus, Ohio, USA

Industry: Real Estate

News: AI-Powered Real Estate Startup DataFlik Disrupts Home Buying Industry with New Machine Learning Model Developed by NineTwoThree Venture Studio

Insights: DataFlik is a real estate startup that has experienced record growth thanks to their AI-powered technology that accurately identifies motivated home sellers. They have achieved 634% growth in monthly recurring revenue, and their list stacking and predictive modeling technology is being used by major real estate buyers and wholesalers. The company has plans for new products and growth in 2023.

Headcount: 0-10

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