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16 Companies Poised for Growth

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1. Reask

Sydney, Australia

Industry: Fintech/Climate Risk

News: Climate risk startup Reask raises $6.55m to refine AI-driven weather modelling

Insights: Reask, a climate risk startup has raised $6.55 million to refine its AI-driven weather modeling. They fit into the category of startups that are addressing a growing need for companies to address climate risk and incorporate it into their business strategies. This latest injection of funds will be used by Reask to increase hazard coverage and expand its international team, in a bid to better service customers in growing markets.

Headcount: 11-50

2. Crono

London, United Kingdom

Industry: Salestech

News: London-based Crono raises €500k to transform sales team processes with the power of data and AI

Insights: Crono, a London-based company, has raised €500k to transform their sales team processes with the power of data and AI. With this latest funding round, Crono will continue investing in development and technology while expanding its operations to serve more clients throughout Europe. Additionally, the company plans to hire more staff, including sales specialists, to support its growth strategy. Seems like marketing could play a role here as well.

Headcount: 0-10

3. Smiler

Sydney, Australia

Industry: Tourism/Travel

News: Smiler Raises $8.5 Million to Connect Photographers with Tourists

Insights: Smiler, connects photographers with tourists. Marketing services can help them create targeted campaigns that speak to both photographers and tourists. The funding will be used to hire in the sales, marketing, and technology departments. It will also go toward releasing new products and exploring acquisitions. They are hiring a Growth marketing freelancer, which is a good sign.

Headcount: 51-200

4. Lyka

Sydney, Australia

Industry: Pet food

News: Pet food startup Lyka raises $25 million in Series B, $55 million total funding

Insights: Pet food startup Lyka has raised $25 million in a Series B funding round, bringing its total funding to $55 million. The backing from investors has compelled Lyka to widen its reach, with the pet food startup now servicing more areas including Tasmania, Western Australia, and more regional areas across Australia. They will use the follow-on funding to continue meeting the increased demand the startup is seeing in dog wellness, with plans to also deploy funds to accelerate research, education, and awareness.

Headcount: 51-200

5. Intuition

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Industry: Decentralized identity

News: Decentralized Identity Startup Intuition Raises $2.15 Million in Seed Funding

Insights: Intuition, a decentralized identity startup, has raised $2 million in seed funding to further develop its platform. The raise comes as Intuition approaches the public launch of its protocol and first applications later this year. With the launch nearing, they may be in need of a refreshed brand and messaging strategy to better communicate its value proposition to potential customers.

Headcount: 1-10

6. Synthesia

London, United Kingdom

Industry: AI and synthetic media

News: Synthetic Media AI Startup Synthesia Raises $90M

Insights: Synthetic Media AI startup Synthesia’s funds are earmarked for R&D but they’re hiring for leadership-level sales roles. This hints that they have plans to accelerate its growth. Synthesia also plans to launch a new product that will allow users to create personalized videos at scale. This presents an opportunity to pitch marketing services that can help the company promote the new product and generate buzz around its launch.

Headcount: 201-500

7. Omnevue

London, United Kingdom

Industry: ESG

News: ESG accounting startup OmneVue secures $3.1 million in seed funding

Omnevue's platform helps companies measure and report on their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance. The company intends to use the funds to expand operations and its business reach. Omnevue is soon to launch a fully automated, real-time business CO2e estimator tool called ‘VueCO2e’, allowing UK and EU businesses to view and report their CO2e impacts securely by connecting their bank account.

Headcount: 11-50

8. Uncle Arnie's

Massachusetts, United States

Industry: Cannabis beverage

News: Uncle Arnie's cannabis beverage startup lands backing from Boston Beer Co. founding partners and other big names

Insights: Uncle Arnie's has recently received backing from Boston Beer Co. founding partners and other big names. This signals a growing interest in the cannabis industry and a need for marketing services to help companies stand out in a crowded market. The investment will help Uncle Arnie’s expand into more states, with a goal of reaching net income profitability by the end of this year. This presents an opportunity for marketing services to help the company develop and execute a regional marketing plan that supports its growth objectives.

Headcount: 11-50

9. Rembrand

California, USA

Industry: Generative AI

News: L'Oreal's VC Fund Is Backing Omar Tawakol's New Generative AI Startup, Rembrand

Generative AI startup Rembrand has been backed by L'Oreal's venture capital fund. They have stated intentions to spend the bulk of its new funding on engineering and expanding the capabilities of its AI. But over the course of the year, Rembrand plans to bring a full sales team, a go-to-market team, and someone to manage influencer relationships.

Headcount: 11-50

10. QuickFacts

Bedford, United Kingdom

Industry: Insurtech

News: Atlantic insurtech startup QuickFacts secures $1.13m for Canadian expansion

Insights: Atlantic insurtech startup QuickFacts is entering a crowded market in Canada, which means that the company will need to differentiate itself from competitors. QuickFacts is developing new products to meet the needs of Canadian customers. This presents an opportunity to pitch marketing services that can help the company research and understand the Canadian market, identify customer needs, and develop effective marketing strategies for new products.

Headcount: 11-50

11. ServiceNow

Dublin, Ireland

Industry: Information Technology Service Management

News: ServiceNow to create 400 jobs at Dublin office

Insights: Now this one is a public company but ServiceNow is planning to create 400 jobs at its Dublin office. The new jobs will be primarily across digital sales, engineering, research and development, and are part of the company’s wider growth plan for Europe, the Middle East and Africa. ServiceNow is looking to hire for a variety of roles, including sales and marketing.

Headcount: 20000+

12. Build38

Madrid, Spain

Industry: Technology/Software

News: Build38 recognised as most scalable startup at South Summit Madrid 2023

Insights: The fact that Build38 was recognized as the most scalable startup at South Summit Madrid 2023 is a strong signal that the company is poised for growth. After more than doubling in size and revenue over the past year, Build38 recently unveiled its new Barcelona headquarters to accompany its growing team and commitment to digital transformation efforts in Spain. Build38 has also partnered with Samsung to provide mobile security solutions.

Headcount: 51-200

13. HelixIntel

New York, United States

Industry: Energy and Utilities

News: HelixIntel, Buffalo startup, secures funding from National Grid

Insights: The fact that HelixIntel has secured funding from National Grid, a major player in the energy industry, is a strong endorsement of the company's technology and potential. The company intends to use the funds to expand its business reach.

Headcount: 11-50

14. Djust

Paris, France

Industry: B2B commerce

News: Djust is a new commerce platform focused exclusively on B2B transactions

Insights: Djust recently raised a $13 million funding round and plans to grow its team, iterate on its product and find new clients all across Europe.
They are building a generic B2B commerce platform so it would work for different industries. This presents an opportunity for marketing services to help Djust create a strong brand identity and develop effective marketing strategies to reach multiple target audiences.

Headcount: 11-50

15. CloudZero

Boston, United States

Industry: Cloud Monitoring

News: Cloud cost management startup CloudZero lands $32M investment

Insights: CloudZero’s $32 million investment presents an opportunity for marketing services to help them reach new customers and markets. They are hiring for Product and sales roles. Marketing could nicely complement these resources.

Headcount: 51-200

16. Anise Health

California, United States

Industry: Digital mental health

News: Digital Mental Health Startup Raises $3.5 Million in Seed Funding

Insights: Anise Health, a digital mental health startup, has raised $8.4 million in funding. This signals a growing demand for digital health services, particularly in the mental health space. They launched in California in 2022 to establish the gold standard of care for people of color (POC), starting with a focus on Asian Americans. With this investment, Anise is expanding its services to New York and broadening payor partnerships to continue making its treatments more accessible.

Headcount: 11-50

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