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1. Evroc

Stockholm, Sweden

Industry: Cloud computing

News: Evrocorps unveils plan for hyperscale cloud to rival Amazon and Microsoft

Insights: Evroc, a new hyperscale cloud provider, plans to offer a unique service that combines the benefits of public and private clouds. It is evident from the headline that they possess ambitious goals. However, according to the CEO, their current priority lies in targeting local authorities and companies in the EU that are establishing their own in-house servers. This emphasis stems from their inability to utilize US-based cloud providers due to GDPR regulations. The CEO emphasizes that such organizations are at a greater risk of experiencing data breaches and cybersecurity threats. If you're a European agency with compelling ideas, consider approaching them.

Headcount: 0-10

2. Relo Metrics

California, United States

Industry: Market research and analytics

News: Relo Metrics Names Nielsen Executive to Leadership Team

Insights: Relo Metrics, a company that provides data-driven solutions for companies to optimize their relocation programs, has named a former Nielsen executive as their new CRO. As CRO, he will play a role in enhancing international growth by developing new partnerships. Also, he will supervise the company's go-to-market team, which will be expanded with new hires in Los Angeles, New York, and London. The marketing team is usually tasked with supporting these ambitious goals and might benefit from external assistance.

Headcount: 11-50

3. Gow Companies

Texas, United States

Industry: Sports and entertainment

News: Houston Sports Festival & Expo Pokatok 2024

Insights: It seems like Gow Companies (a technology, sports-tech, and entertainment holding company) views its new ‘PokaTok’ event as a strategic initiative for branding and community building. Anticipated to attract a significant audience, the event will offer a platform for companies to exhibit their products and services. While they already have a website in place, assistance in areas such as social media marketing could be needed.

Headcount: NA

4. Yovivo

London, United Kingdom

Industry: Travel and Tourism

News: Travel Startup Yovivo Expands Core Team With New Staff Members

Insights: Yovivo, a travel startup, has recently bolstered its core team by bringing in new members. Among them is Karen Kochmann, the Strategic Growth Manager, who aims to cultivate strategic partnerships that will fuel Yovivo's growth and establish it as a prominent brand in the extended stay market. Additionally, she will concentrate on forging direct partnerships with hotels, fostering long-term strategies, and reducing dependence on third-party platforms.

Headcount: 11-50

5. Atoa

London, United Kingdom

Industry: Paytech

News: UK Paytech Startup ATOA Bags £65m to Challenge Visa and Mastercard High Street Dominance

Insights: UK paytech startup ATOA has secured £6.5m in funding to challenge the dominance of Visa and Mastercard on the high street. The company's technology allows retailers to accept payments directly from customer's bank accounts, bypassing the need for traditional card networks. Atoa has witnessed an impressive 60% month-on-month growth in processed payments and intends to sustain this momentum by focusing on in-person payments for SMEs. Expert in the SME niche? You may want to reach out.

Headcount: 11-50

6. Canva

Surry Hills, Australia

Industry: Education

News: Canva Launches New Canva for Districts Product as Education Usage Surges

Insights: While Canva is already a behemoth rather than an emerging startup, those in the edtech sector may still find this interesting. They have introduced a new product called Canva for Districts to address the growing need for online education tools. This product provides educators with a variety of features to create captivating and visually appealing content for their students. Having conducted successful pilot programs, Canva could be seeking additional institutional partnerships in the near future.

Headcount: 8000+

7. Uncommon

Cambridge, United Kingdom

Industry: Food and Biotechnology

News: Higher Steaks rebrands as Uncommon and nabs $30M

Insights: Uncommon, formerly known as Higher Steaks, is a company that specializes in creating lab-grown meat. It appears that they have thoroughly planned the rebranding and migration from to However, there may still be opportunities to provide assistance to this ambitious startup backed by Sam Altman.

Headcount: 51-200

8. Insify

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Industry: Insurance tech

News: Insify Raises Another $10.7 Million to Expand Its AI-Powered Insurance Platform

Insights: Insify, a startup that uses artificial intelligence to help insurance companies automate their claims process, has raised $10.7 million in funding. The company's technology can analyze claims data and make decisions on whether to approve or deny a claim, reducing the need for human intervention.

What's noteworthy is that they have openly articulated their growth objectives: “The fresh injection of funds will be used to bolster Insify’s digital-friendly insurance solutions for SMEs. The company uses an online form and advanced analytics to gather detailed information about potential customers. The goal is to reduce customer acquisition costs and make business insurance more attractive and accessible for this underserved market segment.”


Headcount: 51-200

9. Carta Healthcare

Portland, Oregon, United States

Industry: Healthcare

News: AI-powered health care startup Carta raises $10M in funding

Insights: Carta, an AI-powered healthcare company, has raised $45 million in funding to expand its services. The company's technology uses machine learning to analyze patient data and provide personalized treatment plans. CEO Matt Hollingsworth said Carta will use the Series B round to fuel even more growth, both through sales and improvements to the AI.

Headcount: 51-200

10. EvenUp

California, United States

Industry: Legal technology

News: Personal Injury Startup EvenUp Announces $50.5 Million Investment, Launches Gen AI Assistant 'Litty'

Insights: EvenUp, a personal injury startup, has announced a $50.5 million investment and the launch of their Gen AI assistant, Litty. The article highlights the potential benefits of Litty, including its ability to streamline the claims process and provide personalized assistance to clients. They have recently advertised a content marketing position where they explicitly stated their plans to handle a volume ten times larger than the current capacity(traffic, leads maybe?). Sounds like they’d be open to ideas.

Headcount: 51-200

11. Ringover

Georgia, United States

Industry: Enterprise communication platform

News: French startup Ringover raises €20 million for enterprise communication platform, sets sights on US expansion

Insights: French startup Ringover has secured €20 million in funding for its enterprise communication platform, making it an intriguing lead for US-based agencies. While the company has achieved notable success across Europe, especially in France, Spain, and the UK, it has recently shifted its attention towards the US market. This expansion includes the establishment of an office in Atlanta, led by co-founder Renaud Charvet.

Headcount: 201-500

12. Advokatguiden

Oslo, Norway

Industry: Legal Tech

News: Legal Tech Startup Advokatguiden Expands to Denmark

Insights: Advokatguiden, a legal tech startup, has expanded its services to Denmark, offering a platform that connects clients with lawyers. The platform provides a convenient and efficient way for clients to find legal services, while also allowing lawyers to expand their client base.

Headcount: 0-10

13. SourceAg

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Industry: Agriculture/Farming

News: SK Networks Invests $2M in AI Farming Startup SourceAg

Insights: SourceAg, an AI farming startup, has received a $2 million investment from SK Networks, a South Korean marketing company. The investment aims to enhance agricultural efficiency and productivity through the implementation of AI technology. In the latter half of 2023, SourceAg plans to introduce its groundbreaking 'Source Cultivate' module. To support this initiative, the company has begun hiring marketers and salespeople.

Headcount: 51-200

14. Eagle Eye Networks

Texas, United States

Industry: Security and surveillance

News: Eagle Eye Networks Secures $100M Investment from Secom

Insights: Eagle Eye Networks, a cloud-based video surveillance company, recently received a $100 million investment from SECOM, a Japanese security company. This investment will allow Eagle Eye Networks to expand its global reach and continue to innovate its technology. The company plans to expand its global operations in Japan, Germany, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East.

Headcount: 201-500

15. Eucalyptus

Sydney, Australia

Industry: Health and wellness

News: Online health brand startup Eucalyptus picks the online meat off the bones of Jenny Craig collapse

Insights: Eucalyptus, an online health brands company, has allocated the $50 million it recently raised to acquire the online assets of the Australian Jenny Craig brand from its administrators. Meanwhile, the remaining parts of the weight loss business are expected to undergo liquidation. Acquiring and integrating “online assets” calls for specialized expertise and may be of interest to certain readers.

Headcount: 201-500

16. Deep Cognition

Texas, United States

Industry: Software development

News: Software Developer Deep Cognition Looks to Bolster Its B2B Sales After Snagging $1.25 Million

Insights: With a recent funding round of $1.25 million, software developer Deep Cognition intends to allocate a significant portion of the raised capital toward expanding its go-to-market strategy for B2B sales. The company's AI platform, Deep Learning Studio, allows businesses to easily create and deploy AI models without requiring extensive technical knowledge.

Headcount: 11-50

17. Axuall

Ohio, United States

Industry: Health Tech

News: Health tech startup Axuall raised $20M in Series B round

Insights: Axuall, a health tech startup, has raised $20 million in a Series B funding round. The company offers a digital platform that verifies healthcare credentials and licenses in real-time, which can help reduce administrative burdens and improve patient safety. They intend to use the funds to grow their product, sales, and marketing teams.

Headcount: 51-200

18. Hyro

New York, United States

Industry: Enterprise conversational AI

News: Enterprise Conversational AI Startup Hyro Raises $20M

Insights: Hyro, an enterprise conversational AI startup, has raised $20 million in funding. The company's technology allows for personalized and natural language interactions between businesses and their customers. They are looking to expand their strategic partnerships and use cases. This makes them an intriguing prospect, particularly for those operating within the healthcare niche.

Headcount: 51-200

19. TabX

Alabama, United States

Industry: Technology/Software

News: Birmingham startup TabX expanding into new markets

Insights: TabX, a Birmingham-based startup, is expanding into new markets. The company's platform allows users to easily search and compare prices for various products and services, which can help businesses reach a wider audience and increase their sales. Co-founder Josh Taylor said by the end of June, he expects TabX to have 10-15 locations in Denver and 15-20 in Austin. TabX has locations in Athens, Georgia, and St. Petersburg, Florida as well. According to him, TabX is designed for high-volume bars and venues.

Headcount: 0-10

20. Myles Comfort Foods

California, United States

Industry: Food

News: Frozen food startup rebrands, expands

Insights: The rebranding and expansion of a frozen food startup Myles Comfort Foods(previously 8 miles) presents opportunities for targeted marketing campaigns. They’re expanding into new product categories and are rolling out to 1,200 retail stores across the country. $1.05 million in seed funding to expand operations and hire a full-time sales and marketing manager.

Headcount: 0-10

21. Spellbook

New York, United States

Industry: Legal tech

News: Spellbook, An ‘AI Copilot’ for Contract Drafting in Word, Raises $10.9M from Moxxie, Thomson Reuters, Others

Insights: Spellbook, a legal tech startup, has raised $10.9 million in funding with Thomson Reuters investing. The company offers a platform that uses artificial intelligence to analyze legal documents and provide insights to lawyers. The company said that Spellbook is currently being used by more than 600 legal teams, and another 53,000 potential customers have signed up for the waitlist. Seems like an opportunity to contribute in areas like onboarding, and email marketing, among others.

Headcount: 11-50

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