The Leadsbrew Intel: Issue 6

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Washington, United States

Industry: Airlines and Aviation

News: Portland-area startup wants to expand private flying beyond the ultra-rich

Insights: KinectAir is a marketplace that connects fliers and airlines. The news article highlights a Portland-based startup that aims to expand private flying beyond the ultra-rich. This presents an opportunity for marketing services to help the company reach a wider audience and promote their services to potential customers. The article also mentions the company's plans to partner with local businesses and organizations, which could benefit from marketing services to promote their partnership with the startup and attract customers.


Headcount: 11-50

2. Arrive

Texas, USA

Industry: Transportation, Logistics, Supply Chain and Storage

News: Smart-mailbox startup rebrands as Arrive, expects to generate revenue soon – Inside INdiana Business

Insights: Arrive’s decision to rebrand as Arrive indicates a shift in their business strategy or target market. Marketing services can assist in crafting a compelling rebranding campaign that communicates the new brand identity, positions Arrive as an innovative and reliable smart mailbox provider, and generates interest among potential customers. They are a pre-revenue startup but is planning to generate revenue from its patented smart mailboxes by the end of this year.

Headcount: 0-10


Epalinges, Vaud, Switzerland

Industry: Biotechnology Research

News: Pharma tech company NewBiologix raises $50m in Series A

Insights: NewBiologix's successful Series A funding round of $50 million demonstrates investor confidence in their business model and potential for growth. With the significant funding raised, NewBiologix’s priority is to hopes to release commercially available viral production cell lines by 2026. But they are exhibiting at events like Biotechnology Innovation Organization International Convention, so could use some help.

Headcount: 11-50


Tel Aviv, Israel

Industry: Entertainment Providers

News: AI Dubbing Startup Deepdub Gets Certification from the Motion Pictures Association - Slator

Insights: AI dubbing startup Deepdub has been certified by the Motion Pictures Association. This certification indicates that Deepdub's technology meets the high standards required for dubbing in the film industry.
Deepdub's technology can be used for dubbing in multiple languages, which could be a selling point for marketing services to pitch to companies looking to expand their global reach. Deepdub's technology can also be used for other applications beyond dubbing, such as voiceovers for video games and virtual assistants.


Headcount: 11-50

5.Builder AI

London, United Kingdom

Industry: London, England

News: Microsoft Injects No-Code AI Development Startup with Funding -- Redmond Channel Partner

Insights: The AI app development startup firm has attracted investment from Microsoft. The CEO has mentioned plans to use the funding to expand its customer base and improve its product offerings. This indicates a need for marketing services to help the startup reach new customers and promote its updated products. Furthermore, Builder's platform allows users to build AI models without needing to write code, which could appeal to businesses that lack the technical expertise to develop AI solutions in-house. They are hiring for marketing roles in London.


Headcount: 1000+

6. Dextrous Robotics

Memphis, TN, USA

Industry: Transportation, Logistics, Supply Chain and Storage

News: Memphis startup Dextrous Robotics moves to new HQ; looks to ratchet up hiring

Insights: The robotics firm's move into a new facility in Midtown indicates growth and expansion. This presents an opportunity to pitch marketing services that promote the firm's new location and create awareness among potential customers, partners, and talent in the local area. Cofounder Evan Drumwright mentioned. “The kinds of customers that we target are very large corporations such as the major retailers, third-party logistics companies, warehousing companies, and package logistics companies such as UPS, FedEx, and DHL.” They are also expanding their team in the coming months.

Headcount: 0-10

7. Cloverly

Georgia, United States

Industry: Environmental Services

News: Atlanta startup Cloverly to triple staff with $19 million investment

Insights: Cloverly's successful funding round from Grotech Ventures demonstrates investor confidence in their business model and potential for growth. This presents an opportunity to pitch marketing services that effectively communicate the environmental benefits, social impact, and cost savings associated with Cloverly's technology. The Series A financing will fund more development of Cloverly’s digital infrastructure for the voluntary carbon markets. These include the new supplier platform to help buyers, suppliers, and any other company to easily scale their climate impact. The new funds will also support growing Cloverly’s team and opening another headquarters in London to address global customer demand.


Headcount: 11-50

8. Liftango

East Linton, Scotland, United Kingdom

Industry: Internet Publishing

News: Investors pool over £2.5m into ride share startup Liftango

Insights: Liftango's recent funding round indicates that they are looking to expand their business and reach a wider audience. This presents an opportunity for marketing services to help them develop and execute a comprehensive marketing strategy that will help them achieve their growth goals.Liftango's focus on sustainable transportation solutions is a key selling point for their business. The fact that Liftango is working with large corporations and government agencies suggests that they have a strong B2B focus. Marketing services can help them develop targeted campaigns to reach decision-makers in these organizations and build relationships that will lead to more business. Liftango's focus on improving the commuting experience for employees presents an opportunity for marketing services to help them develop targeted campaigns to reach HR departments and decision-makers in companies looking to improve their employee benefits and retention.


Headcount: 51-200

9. Modern Electron

Washington, USA

Industry: Renewable Energy Equipment Manufacturing

News: Clean energy startup Modern Hydrogen, previously known as Modern Electron, raises $32.8M – GeekWire

Insights: Modern Hydrogen, a clean energy startup, has raised $32.8 million in funding. This signals that the company is expanding and growing and the fact that the company has rebranded from Modern Electron to Modern Hydrogen suggests that they may be looking to differentiate themselves in the market and may need assistance with rebranding and messaging. Marketing services could also help the company develop a strong digital presence and create targeted campaigns to attract investors and customers.

Headcount: 51-200

10. Bryn Pharma

North Carolina, USA

Industry: Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

News: Fighting anaphylaxis without needles: Raleigh pharma startup raises $15M

Insights: The startup's ability to secure $15 million from 82 investors demonstrates investor confidence in their needle-free approach to combating anaphylaxis. The startup's technology requires healthcare professionals to adopt and utilize their needle-free solution. Marketing services can focus on developing educational materials and campaigns that inform and educate healthcare providers about the benefits, efficacy, and proper usage of the technology.

Headcount: 11-50

11. Showdigs

Washington, United States

Industry: Real Estate

Insights: Showdigs,a proptech startup, has launched a new anti-rent scam product, which suggests that the company is focused on providing a secure and trustworthy platform for renters and landlords. This could be an opportunity to pitch marketing services that emphasize Showdigs' commitment to safety and security, such as targeted social media campaigns or email marketing campaigns that highlight the benefits of using Showdigs over other rental platforms. This could also be an opportunity to pitch marketing services that highlight Showdigs' innovative approach to the rental market, such as content marketing campaigns that showcase the company's technology or influencer marketing campaigns that feature tech-savvy renters or landlords.


Headcount: 11-50

12. Intone

California, United States

Industry: Software Development

News: This voice AI startup just got $1.7M to tackle language barriers in call centers

Insights: InTone, a voice AI startup, has received $1.7 million in funding to tackle language barriers in call centers. The new funds will be used to scale InTone with new SMB and Enterprise BPO customers from India, the Philippines, and LATAM. They're already working with call centers, BPOs, and customer experience companies with over 50,000 global voice support employees. A service provider with expertise in these markets can use this opportunity to scale them further.

Headcount: 11-50

13. Sigbee

Texas, United States

Industry: Software Development

News: Employee engagement startup moves HQ to Columbus

Insights: Sigbee opening its headquarters in Columbus indicates their intention to establish a presence in the local market. Pitch marketing services that focus on local market expansion strategies. Develop targeted marketing campaigns to raise awareness among local businesses and position Sigbee as a valuable solution provider in the area.Sigbee opening headquarters in Columbus may involve hiring local talent. Pitch marketing services that focus on talent acquisition and employer branding. Develop employer branding strategies that attract top talent, highlight Sigbee's company culture and values, and create recruitment marketing campaigns to build a strong talent pipeline.


Headcount: 11-50

14. Oura

Oulu, Finland

Industry: Wellness and Fitness Services

News: Finnish startup expands reach with the acquisition of digital identity and wearable technology company - ArcticStartup

Insights: The acquisition of Proxy by Oura, a wearable technology startup indicates that the company is expanding its operations. This presents an opportunity for marketing services to help Oura reach new markets and audiences. They're a relatively new company in the wearable technology industry and Marketing services can help the company establish a strong brand identity and differentiate itself from competitors.

Oura is planning to launch a new product in the near future. Also, Oura's acquisition of Proxy may result in an increase in the number of customers. Marketing services can help the company attract and retain these customers by creating targeted campaigns and personalized messaging.


Headcount: 501-1000

15. EnduroSat

Sofia, Bulgaria

Industry: Aviation and Aerospace Component Manufacturing

News: SpaceTech startup EnduroSat secures over €9 million to better harness data from satellites

Insights: Pitch marketing services that can help EnduroSat forge partnerships and collaborations within the spacetech industry. Identify potential partners and develop joint marketing initiatives or co-branded campaigns that leverage mutual strengths and expand EnduroSat's reach and market share.

Spacetech conferences and industry events offer valuable opportunities for EnduroSat to showcase their technology and network with potential customers and partners.


Headcount: 51-200


California, United States

Industry: Software Development

News: Embeddable payroll startup Salsa secures $10m in funding

Insights: Salsa is targeting business management software platforms, neobanks, staffing agencies and workforce management companies. The founder “We’re currently working through a large pipeline of partners who want to go live in the next quarter.


Headcount: 11-50

17. Accelergy Energy

Stoke Prior, England, United Kingdom

Industry: Renewable Energy Semiconductor Manufacturing

News: Renewable Energy Startup Accelergy Energy Raises $30 Million in Series A Funding Round

Accelergen is a newly launched company in the renewable energy sector. Accelergen's founders have extensive experience in the renewable energy industry. Their priority is to invest largely in the product but their online presence is minuscule so you might want to have a look.

Accelergen may also benefit from participating in industry events, conferences, and trade shows to showcase its projects and connect with key stakeholders.

Headcount: 11-50


Washington, United States

Industry: Supply chain

News: Kubernetes and Sigstore founders raise $17.5M to launch software supply chain startup StackLok

Insights: The supply chain startup StackLok has raised $17.5 million in funding. This presents an opportunity for marketing services to help promote and raise awareness of the new company and its offerings.StackLok aims to provide secure and transparent software supply chain management, which could benefit from marketing services to communicate the importance of secure software supply chains to potential customers. There is a growing need for secure and transparent software supply chain management, and marketing services can help StackLok capitalize on this opportunity by promoting its offerings and expertise to potential customers.

Headcount: 0-10

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