The Leadsbrew Intel: Issue 4

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1. Harvey

California, United States

Industry: Legal Software Development

News: Exclusive: Buzzy legal generative AI startup Harvey taps Sequoia to lead funding round at a $150 million valuation

Insights: Harvey has an impressive resume with OpenAI investing $5 million in Harvey and it also received backing from Google's AI lead Jeff Dean. Harvey harnesses the power of OpenAI’s GPT-4 large language model AI to provide these capabilities to a growing number of law firms. It is currently invite-only, and there are more than 15,000 law firms on the waitlist. Looks like they’re not having trouble finding customers, but there could still be room for improving customer retention, optimizing marketing efforts, etc.

Headcount: 11-50

2. Ollang

Wilmington, DE, USA /Turkey

Industry: Online Audio and Video Media

News: Media Localization Startup Ollang Raises USD 1.5M in Seed Funding

Insights: OLLANG localizes media content with subtitles and dubbing. They currently serve customers in the US, Turkey, South Korea, the UAE, and France. With a team of 28 employees primarily located in these countries, Ollang aims to expand further into Asia and Europe. The company envisions significant growth opportunities in these regions, particularly within the TV and film industry, as well as with creators and e-learning platforms. The presence of over 300 "employees" showcased on LinkedIn signifies the company's growth trajectory and the enthusiasm of freelancers to be associated with it. If you have ideas to help them reach more content creators, consider pitching them.

Headcount: 11-50

3. CAT Labs

Florida, United States

Industry: Computer and Network Security

News: CAT Labs, a crypto crime-fighting startup led by a former DOJ special agent, raises $4.3 million

Insights: Cat Labs' funding and partnership with the Department of Justice indicates potential in expanding its customer base, making it an opportune time to offer marketing services. The company intends to use the funds to expand operations and its business reach. The CEO Lilita Infant has mentioned that “CAT Labs aims to be a global leader in crypto forensics and cybersecurity by building the necessary tools to secure the Web3 ecosystem and by partnering and integrating with other brilliant companies in the space such as blockchain analytics, forensics, and security firms that share our mission”.

Headcount: 0-10

4. Fivecast

Adelaide, Australia

Industry: Software Development

News: Internet-scanning intelligence startup lands $30 million Series A

Insights: The company has recently raised $30 million in a Series A funding round. According to Startup Daily, “The cash is earmarked for expanding and servicing existing contracts, including with the Five Eyes nations – Australia, New Zealand, Canada, US, and UK. The intelligence gathering service is also targeting the Asia Pacific region and Europe and looking to move into corporate security and financial intelligence.” It may need marketing services to assist in reaching their target audience and developing a marketing campaign to attract customers.

Headcount: 51-200

5. Felix

Ontario, Canada

Industry: Health Care

News: Canadian virtual care startup Felix raises $18M

Insights: Felix is a Canadian virtual care startup that has recently raised $18m in funding. As reported, “This funding enables Felix to radically expand the amount of patients it serves by launching new, more complex categories of care in addition to new therapeutic services.”

Headcount: 51-200

6. Live Costs

Dublin, Ireland

Industry: Software Development

News: Nemetschek Group Invests in Project Cost Control Startup

Insights: Livecosts makes it easy for construction companies to track project costs. The investor has mentioned that LiveCosts has the opportunity to explore new markets and expand its portfolio with this funding. They currently have customers in Ireland, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.


Headcount: 11-50

7. Noya

San Francisco, California, USA

Industry: Renewable Energy Semiconductor Manufacturing

News: Direct air capture technology startup Noya raises $11M to accelerate transition to carbon negativity

Insights: Noya, a direct air capture startup, has successfully secured $11 million in funding to expedite the journey toward carbon negativity. While their allocation of funds hasn't explicitly mentioned marketing or sales, their search for a Head of Sales & Business Development suggests an inclination toward bringing new business.

Headcount: 11-50

8. SentiAR

Missouri, United States

Industry: Medical Equipment Manufacturing

News: SentiAR, startup with holographic technology for heart procedures, raises $8.5M in Series B funding

Insights: Sentiar has recently raised capital in their series-B fundraising round, and intends to use the funds to launch additional partnerships and wider clinical deployments. Could be an interesting opportunity for agencies in the healthcare niche.

Headcount: 11-50

9. Oshi Health

New York, USA

Industry: Hospitals and Health Care

News: Virtual GI care startup Oshi Health takes up $30M backed by CVS, Takeda venture arms

Insights: Oshi Health has recently raised $30m in funding, offering an opportunity for marketing services to help create awareness of the company's virtual care services aimed at patients, providers, payers, and policymakers.

Headcount: 51-200

10. Silergy Technology

Santa Clara, California, USA

Industry: Semiconductor Manufacturing

News: Tech company leases Santa Clara offices in headquarters expansion

Insights: Silergy Technology's expansion into a larger office and research space in Santa Clara highlights their growth as a semiconductor and analog devices firm. CEO Mike Grimm mentioned that “Silergy’s recent success with global customers in all market segments and all regions is driving the need for rapid expansion of business units, R&D, and sales operations”.


11. Third Summit

New York, USA

Industry: Advertising Services

News: Creator economy startup Third Summit raises $4.5 million to expand flagship platform

Insights: Third Summit, a content management system for digital creators, has raised $4.5m in its funding round. Their flagship product is They have recently expanded to Toronto and aim to collaborate with film and TV productions. Could be a potential prospect for those in the media and entertainment niche.

Headcount: 0-10

12. Allotrope Energy

Woking, England

Industry: Research Services

News: British energy startup raises $6.7M to make 90-second-recharging battery from tree pulp

Insights: The British energy start-up has raised $6.7m for their tree pulp batteries, offering an opportunity for marketing services to highlight the benefits of the product and target potential partners and investors through customized digital campaigns.

Headcount: 0-10

13. NetBox Labs

New York, USA

Industry: Computer Networking Products

News: Network transformation startup NetBox Labs raises $20M in new funding

Insights: Netbox Labs has recently raised $20m funding to transform the network infrastructure, creating opportunities for marketing services to promote the company's transformational technology to its target audience.

Headcount: 11-50

14. Verkor

Grenoble, France

Industry: Appliances, Electrical, and Electronics Manufacturing

News: Battery Startup Gets Renault Order in Hope it Will Spur Funding

Insights: Verkor, a French battery start-up, has received a major order from Renault, which is expected to help it attract more funding. The company plans to build a factory capable of producing batteries for electric vehicles, and has already secured funding from major investors including Schneider Electric and EIT InnoEnergy. This could be an excellent time for Verkor to leverage the positive publicity generated by this news to increase its visibility and attract further investment.

Headcount: 201-500

15. MindFly

Tel Aviv, Israel

Industry: IT Services and IT Consulting

News: Israeli startup to give fans a referee's eye view at the Euroleague final games

Insights: MindFly's technology offers an immersive match experience, allowing fans to get as close to the action as the referees. In addition to basketball, they have already established partnerships with renowned soccer clubs such as Panathinaikos, Fenerbahçe, and Bayern Munich, as well as leading broadcasting companies like T-Mobile and Globo. I thought it would be worth mentioning, as the impressive video angles offered by MindFly may ignite some creative pitch ideas if your agency is involved in the realm of video production.


Headcount: 0-10

16. Summer Health

New York, United States

Industry: Hospitals and Health Care

News: Text-Based Pediatric Telemedicine Startup Summer Health Launches Specialty Care

Insights: The pediatric telemedicine startup Summer Health has launched text-based specialty care services. Summer Health is focused on providing accessible and affordable healthcare to families, which could be a key selling point for marketing services to help position the startup as a solution for families looking for convenient and affordable healthcare options. They raised $7.5M in seed funding last year.

Headcount: 11-50

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