The Leadsbrew Intel: Issue 3

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1. Opside

Sheridan, Wyoming, USA

Industry: Technology, Information and Internet

News: Blockchain scaling startup Opside raises $4M to expand its ZK-rollup-as-a-service platform

Insights: Opside is a blockchain infrastructure startup that has developed a novel ZK-rollup-as-service platform operating across multiple layers. Opside's platform offers benefits to developers, such as reduced operating costs and improved user experience for their decentralized apps. The CEO has stated that “This funding will enable us to continue innovating and developing our platform while expanding our team and customer base.” Marketing services can help highlight these benefits and attract developers by showcasing how Opside can save them money and provide them with the necessary infrastructure and support.

Headcount: 0-10

2. Every

California, USA

Industry: Food and Beverage Manufacturing

News: Alternative protein startup Every opens large Daly City headquarters

Insights: With their new headquarters and anchor tenancy at the Genesis Station biotech development, Every has the opportunity to build awareness of their brand and mission. Every's partnership with AB InBev is helping to scale production of their egg white substitute. However, further marketing efforts could help to attract additional partners and investors to support their growth. With recent partnerships such as the one with Alpha Foods and the job posting for Head of Strategic Partnerships, the company's emphasis appears to be on forging new partnerships. If you have ideas to contribute to this area, it could be worth exploring.

Headcount: 51-200

3. Aqua Cultured Foods

Illinois, USA

Industry: Food and Beverage Manufacturing

News: Aqua Cultured Foods’ hooks $5.5m to fast-track plant-based seafood from biomass fermentation

Insights: Aqua Cultured Foods is a startup that has secured $5.5 million in funding to develop plant-based seafood from biomass fermentation.
While still in the early stages, Aqua plans to utilize the investment to expand its network of restaurant and food service outlets for introducing their products throughout this year.

As mentioned in the reference link, Chibe said the company sees “a path to quickly reach commercial scale,” and “will respond to inbound interest from chefs with some initial pop-up shops to see how it goes. “

Headcount: 0-10

4. Simnovus

North Carolina, USA/India

Industry: Wireless Services

News: 5G tech startup in Cary lands $3.2M in new capital from 7 investors


Simnovis team is currently predominantly located in India but their CEO Saurav Jha has laid out plans to expand globally. “This significant investment will fuel our drive for continuous innovation, enabling us to expedite the launch of our highly anticipated products and expand our business presence across North America and other regions. If you work with telecom clients, this could be worthwhile to consider.

Headcount: 51-200

5. Yanolja Cloud

Seoul, South Korea

Industry: Travel

News: Yanolja Cloud Acquires U.S. Hotel Tech Company Innsoft

Insights: Yanolja is a leisure platform that provides online accommodation and travel services. Yanolja Cloud's acquisition of Innsoft presents an opportunity for marketing companies to pitch their services to both Yanolja Cloud and Innsoft. The acquisition enables Yanolja Cloud to develop hospitality management solutions specifically designed for the North American market, enhancing operational efficiency and guest experiences. Since Yanolja Cloud is a South Korean travel company, they may require marketing assistance to establish their brand presence in the US market, where Innsoft is based.

Headcount: 501-1000

6. Payscore

Washington, United States

Industry: Financial Services

News: Payscore, a startup that helps property managers and car dealerships verify income, raises $2.2M

Insights: Payscore is automating income verification for property managers and lenders. As mentioned here,Payscore focuses on accelerating the approval process for people looking to rent a home or make a consumer purchase and the fresh capital will go toward growing its team to achieve this goal. The company plans to hire steadily across all internal roles for the foreseeable future and is searching for talent in data business development, sales, and marketing.

Headcount: 11-50

7. Huupe

California, United States

Industry: Wellness and Fitness Services

News: Huupe, a ‘smart’ basketball hoop startup, raises its game with $11M

Insights: Huupe is a smart basketball hoop that allows players to train like pros, track their progress, and compete against other huupe users. With the recent $11 million funding round, Huupe is likely to be expanding its marketing efforts. They are currently targeting consumers, but according to George Bousis of Protagonist VC, who participated in the round, there is potential for Huupe to target gyms/fitness centers, community courts/centers, schools, and more. If you have experience in marketing and can demonstrate how you can help Huupe reach these new markets, it could be a good opportunity to pitch them.

Headcount: 11-50

8. Ludex

Illinois, USA

Industry: Software Development

News: AI trading card startup Ludex raises US$8m in seed funding

Insights: LUDEX is a sports and trading card scanning application that digitizes trading-card collections. Ludex has received investment from well-known figures in the sports industry, such as Brian Urlacher and Cassius Marsh. These partnerships could be leveraged to increase brand awareness and attract more users to the app. With over 200,000 users, Ludex has a strong foundation to build on. They plan to continue building out its features and product lines, as well as collaborating with strategic partners to enhance the collector's experience.

Headcount: 11-50

9. Dealfront

Karlsruhe, Germany

Industry: Software Development

News: Say Hello to Our New Brand: Echobot is Now Dealfront

Insights: Echobot had previously merged with Leedfeeder and has now rebranded to Dealfront. With the new brand, Dealfront, they have set the ambitious goal of creating a new go-to-market platform for Europe. They have been hiring for marketing leadership roles lately.

Headcount: 201-500

10. Scope 5

Washington, United States

Industry: Software Development

News: After acquisition by Environ Energy, Seattle startup Scope 5 looks to boost ESG reporting platform

Insights: With increased pressure on companies to meet carbon-neutral goals, there maybe a growing demand for tools and services that can help them track their carbon emissions accurately. Scope 5 has retained its brand after the acquisition. The parent company Environ Energy can also be an interesting lead as they’ve been making multiple acquisitions in this space.

Headcount: 11-50

11. Quadra

Utah, United States

Industry: Software Development

News: Logan software startup raises over $1 Million in seed funding

Insights: Quadra is a print-on-demand ecommerce marketplace for creatives. They have secured over $1 million in seed-round funding and intend to use the funds to develop its platform, grow the team, and increase marketing efforts.

Headcount: 11-50

12. Deeploi

Berlin, Germany

Industry: Software Development

News: IT-as-a-Service startup Deeploi raises €3M

Insights: Deeploi offers an all-in-one IT platform that combines standard IT functions, premium support, and IT agents to answer support calls. Deeploi initially plans to focus on the Western European market and is currently testing its service with a select number of users. Marketing services can assist Deeploi in developing targeted marketing campaigns to create awareness and acquire customers within this market. Additionally, marketing strategies can be designed to support Deeploi's future expansion into the U.S. market, once it has established market dominance in Western Europe.

Headcount: 11-50

13. Notco

Santiago, Chile

Industry: Biotechnology

News: AI Food Startup NotCo Hires Activision’s Fernando Machado as CMO

Insights: NotCo is a food tech company that uses artificial intelligence to create food from plants. With the appointment of a new CMO and also a focus on breaking through into the U.S. market, NotCo may be in need of marketing consulting services. Companies with expertise in U.S. consumer behavior and market trends can offer their services to help NotCo craft a marketing strategy that resonates with American consumers. NotCo's partnerships with large food brands and distribution deals with retailers could be leveraged in public relations efforts to generate media coverage and increase brand awareness.

Headcount: 501-1000

14. Fleet Space Technologies

Beverley, SA, Australia

Industry: Telecommunications

News: Fleet Space Technologies promotes Chloe Leclerc to chief marketing officer

Insights: Fleet Space Technologies is focused on developing its satellite-based solution for minerals exploration, and also may be interested in partnering with companies in the mining industry. They have appointed a new CMO, Chloe Leclerc, to lead its go-to-market strategy. She’s been charged with building Fleet’s go-to-market strategy and presence in Australia and North America, with a focus on its satellite-based solution for minerals exploration.

Headcount: 51-200

15. Homebase

California, United States

Industry: Software Development

News: HIring multiple growth marketing directors

Insights: Homebase is a company focused on growth and is looking for a Director of Growth Marketing to lead a team of mid to senior-level contributors in driving revenue through various channels. The company is currently testing and optimizing their channel mix and is seeking someone to strategize and create a revenue-driven growth marketing roadmap aligning with company goals. The Director of Growth Marketing will be responsible for managing a generous budget and working with the CMO and Finance to define forecast models. It would be helpful to stay observant and see if there are any ways you can offer assistance to these potential new hires.

Headcount: 501-1000

16. Fire

New York, United States

Industry: Software Development

News: Crypto fraud prevention startup Fire raises $3.5M

Fire's browser extension offers real-time transaction checks to prevent crypto fraud, a major issue in the industry. They currently make no revenue, seeing their product instead as a customer acquisition strategy. Focus on Fire's growing user base and monthly-active users. They are hiring for a growth marketer.  


Headcount: 501-1000

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